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Finding a console doesn’t have to be frustrating anymore.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are two of the most sought after consoles in video gaming history. Since launch, they have been far from readily available in store or online, and resellers have been buying them up when they do become available to sell for up to double retail costs on secondary markets.

Resellers use bots to purchase in large quantities, often absorbing most of the available stock during retail releases, leaving consumers frustrated. So how do you compete against the resellers and bots?

That’s where I come in.

I’ve created the SupplyNinja Newsletter to keep you informed on several key units of information that have helped well over 50,000 of my Twitter followers secure a next gen console:

  • What Drops (retailer restock events) Are and How They Work

  • How To Be Prepared Ahead of Time For Retail Drops

  • How To Be Successful With Each Individual Retailer During Their Drop

  • When The Next Retail Drops are Likely To Occur

The SupplyNinja Newsletter is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

How do subscriptions work?

There are three types of subscriptions.

✅ Free Subscription

Free subscriptions will have access to the information I post on Twitter, along with other gaming and tech deals held exclusively for the Newsletter. Subscribers will always be in tune with what’s going on in both the gaming and restock world.

✅ Paid Subscription
Paying subscribers will have access to the articles included in Free Subscriptions plus exclusive, in depth content that is not posted on Twitter or any other platform.

*Paid Subscriptions cost $10/month or $100/year (20% savings).

🥷🏽 NinjaClan Founder
Founding Members are paid subscribers that are not afraid to show their die-hard support and appreciation for SupplyNinja. These members are officially considered members of the NinjaClan and are eligible for daily 1 on 1 interaction with me, in addition to exclusive monthly giveaways for gaming products and money.

*You set the price for Founding Members subscription, so long as it is at least $1 over the cost of a Paid Subscription.

What are the benefits of being a Paid Subscriber or NinjaClan Founding Member?

🎯 In Depth Tutorials and Tips: Paid subscribers will have access to detailed articles of information that simply can’t fit in a tweet. The SupplyNinja Newsletter is the yin to the SupplyNinja Twitter account’s yang. Consider it the industry standard “How To Secure a PS5 or Series X Guide”.

🤝 1 to 1 Communication: SupplyNinja Newsletter Subscribers will be able to speak with me 1 on 1 any day of the week. I want to help you find the products you need and want, stress free. Ask me questions. Leave comments on my articles. I will always reply back.

💵 Exclusive Discounts on Gaming & Tech: Say goodbye to paying full retail! I work with retailers to find and deliver deals and discounts directly to you. How does 33% off of a year of Playstation Plus sound? I have done the hard work for you so that you can receive these deals quickly and easily.

🐦 Restock Alerts + Gaming & Tech Deals on Twitter: This will not stop due to the addition of my newsletter. My Twitter page will continue to be my primary outlet for extending quick tokens of information to my following.

Where else can I find SupplyNinja?

Twitter - Where it all started. This is my main social media channel.

Instagram - I will be posting deals at popular retailers here for users of this platform.

YouTube - Here I stream live gameplay and engage with my viewers!

Twitch - My secondary streaming platform. I am a Twitch affiliate.

TikTok - Never used it. But when has “now” ever been too late?

I want to support SupplyNinja. How can I?

The best way to support me is by sharing my content with others. My goal is to help as many strangers in the world as I can. And you can be a part of that!

Subscribe today and refer SupplyNinja to your friends and family!


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